Rio’s at the Temple

Welcome to Lamana Hotel’s signature steakhouse, specialising in the famous Brazilian churrasco. This style of cuisine is known in Brazil as Churrascaria; “house of Barbeque”

At a set price, try the many different cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, special sausages and chicken hearts. Churassco is served directly from the barbeque on long skewers, and carved individually by our gauchos at the comfort of your own table. The meat is roasted in an original and unique way to conserve the characteristic taste of each portion leaving the cuts of its own natural juices and flavours. To compliment the meats, you will choose from a selection of side dishes. Discover the tantalising tastes and intimate dining experience at Rio’s at the Temple.

Rios open from 6pm until late each day.

Churrasco served Wednesday to Sunday from 6pm to late but also available on other days if you prebook a day ahead for a table of 10 or more.